35kV Indoor TSVG Series Products

Technical advantages

Reliable protection: The integration of Class IP54 protection, fully-sealed control cabinet and silicone-sealed control panel meets the needs of application in harsh environments, such as sand, condensation, salt spray and conductive dust.

Stable operation: the TSVG system has the functions of grid connection and link bypassing, so the probability of disconnection from the grid is close to 0. The power quality is improved due to the continuous connection to the grid.

Excellent performance: the controller adopting an innovative structure leads to excellent dynamic performance, great improvement of the harmonic compensation, resonance resistance and fault ride-through ability, as well as good adaptability to complex grid conditions.

Energy saving and consumption reduction: compared with that of the conventional WTGS control system, the power consumption of the intelligent variable-frequency WTGS control system decreases by 44%, which greatly reduces operating costs.

Intelligent management: the product supports the access to the TB-eCloud energy management platform, for remote operation and maintenance via the Internet big data technology.