300MW Grid Connection! TBEA New Energy Makes Contribution to Energy Reform and Transformation in Shanxi
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On November 26, the 300MW photovoltaic parity grid-connected project invested by TBEA New Energy in Jiaokou County was successfully connected to the grid. It will supply 408,230,000 kWh/a green electric energy on average in the future. Compared with a thermal power plant with the same capacity, it is equivalent to saving 133,900t standard coal (by the averagestandard coal consumption 400g/kW·h). The emissions of air pollutants will be reduced accordingly, including the reduction of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission by 11,000t, carbon dioxide (CO2) emission by 362,000t, nitrogen oxide (NO2) by 990,900t and soot by 1,339t approximately. Therefore, the project has significant benefits in energy conservation and emission reduction. 


This project is 2018 investment promotion project in Jiaokou County, Luliang City, Shanxi Province. It is located in the open-pit reclamation area of Yongxing Coal Industry in Shuitou Town. Due to poor soil fertility and water conservation capacity, this area is not suitable for farming. In addition, the working conditions in this area are complicated.

TBEA New Energy applies the comprehensive land utilization concept integrating flat lands and slopes in the coal mining and reclamation area. The flexible support and large-gradient and large-span slope support technology was first used for the first time in the construction process, which effectively reduces the overall construction costs, improve the safety, durability and resistance to gales of the project. The person-in-charge of TBEA New Energy sand that the capacity of a flexible support is three times the conventional fixed support in the land area, so the land utilization rate can be greatly improved and the full-capacity layout of the project can be guaranteed in case of land shortage.

Prior to the commencement of the project, TBEA New Energy conducted the comprehensive project planning based on its 16GW engineering construction experience in the photovoltaic field, and dispatched staff in accordance with construction area and specialized needs. It always stuck to dynamic management during construction. Especially in August involving the delay due to heavy rainfall, the handover team quickly responded to the decision and took rainfall discharge measures to reduce the impact of natural disasters and minimize the impact of the external environment on construction.


It is reported that the systems of on-site material inspection, safety and technical disclosure before construction and three-level inspection of the project quality have been implemented strictly in the 300MW photovoltaic parity grid-connected project in Jiaokou County, to ensure that construction workers could fully understand the design intention and safety and technical requirements, and the project quality complies with the design requirements and specifications. There were engineering teams and technical, commercial, budget, purchase, safety and quality control personnel on the project site, to promptly learn about and solve the problems encountered in construction and thus provide a powerful organizational guarantee to achieve the progress, cost, quality and safety goals of the project.

The construction and operation of this project will increase energy supply and optimize the grid power structure, thereby building a solid environment for economic development and effectively promoting the energy revolution and countys economic transformation in Shanxi.

TBEA New Energy promises to always adhere to “"low-carbon, energy-saving and clean production”, natural and healthy life and “green development”, and earnestly shoulder the social responsibility for environmental protection to promote the sustainable social, economic and environmental development.