Listed! TBEA Sunoasis Listed as Demonstration Enterprise of Intelligent PV by the Ministry of Industry and Information T
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To implement the Development Action Plan of Intelligent PV Industry (2018-2020), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Energy Administration and the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development recently made a joint announcement of the demonstration projects and enterprises of intelligent PV industry. In total 19 pilot demonstration projects of intelligent PV were selected nationwide this time and “TBEA Sunoasis Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter “TBEA Sunoasis”) was among them.

TBEA Sunoasis, founded in 2000, dedicates its long-term efforts in the area of PV, wind power, power electronics, energy Internet, etc., and provides clients with an integrated solution for clean energy project from development, investment (financing), design, construction, commissioning and maintenance. It undertakes several national major scientific and technological projects in the area of new energy, tasks of national 863 program and special scientific and technological support plan, achieves major breakthroughs in key equipment and technology such as grid-connection inverter, static var generator and flexible DC product and succeeds in researching and developing the world’s first ±800kV ultra-high voltage flexible DC converter valve. EPC installed capacity of PV projects once ranked the world’s first for three consecutive years and the 89th among the top 500 enterprises in the area of new energy in 2019.


Pilot demonstration projects and demonstration enterprises of intelligent PV industry is an important measure of the State to promote quality development of the industry and encourage the technological advances and wide application in the intelligent PV industry. By supporting the cultivation and building of a batch of demonstration enterprises in the area of intelligent PV, including the enterprises that can provide advanced and mature products, services, system platform or integrated solution of intelligent PV, it sets up industrial examples to actually lead the industrial development.

Enrollment in the list of pilot demonstration enterprises of intelligent PV industry shows not only the affirmation of the technical innovative ability and R&D strength of TBEA Sunoasis, but also the leading position of the company in the intelligent PV area.


TBEA Sunoasis dedicates itself to building an intelligent channel from the equipment terminal to the plant terminal and utilizing digital system platform to help with the real-time sharing of the plant’s application data and information flow in different industrial modules. Focusing not only on inverter, SVG, power router and other intelligent products, but also on providing TB-eCloud intelligent energy cloud platform, intelligent micro-grid solution and other services, it strives to build itself into “a world-leading service provider of intelligent green energy”.

In the area of solar inverter, TBEA Sunoasis embeds AI technology into inverter and helps solar plant to realize intelligent transformation while saving their costs and increasing their efficiency. Meanwhile, the TB-eCloud intelligent energy cloud platform based on advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing and AI, can, by relying on TBEA Sunoasis’ advantageous ecological chain of power projects especially in the integration of wind and solar system and the research and manufacturing of intelligent power equipment, realize all-round real-time collection, efficient transmission, precise computing, intelligent processing and multi-dimensional presentation of the massive data generated by the power plant and achieve targeted, integrated and full life cycle operation & maintenance of PV plants in an efficient, intelligent and convenient manner.

Against the large picture of PV parity, TBEA Sunoasis is using its new power storage product and solution to build its new energy system integrating “energy IoT + integration of wind and solar power storage and transmission + multiple energy complement + intelligent energy platform”, promote the all-round application of “TBEA’s all ecological chain application solution of green energy” under “multiple application, technology and operation scenarios” and take the lead in the new age of parity for PV grid parity under the business mode of “solar power storage+”.

In the future, TBEA Sunoasis will take this opportunity to accelerate the cultivation of new products, businesses and driving factors and by further integrating Internet, big data, AI and other technologies in the full industrial chain of PV industry, further improve its R&D and innovation abilities to constantly achieve technical innovations and provide more value for clients.