TEBA New Energy braves the wind and waves: the 200KW string inverters passed the certification of new energy standard an
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On July 6, 2020, the China General Certification Center (CGC) issued to TEBA New Energy the qualification certificate against the new national standard of the inverter (GB/T 37408 Technical requirements for grid-connected inverters of PV power station).

This is not the first certificate that the TEBA New Energy has obtained. In September 2019, TEBA New Energy was granted by the CGC with the qualification certificate against the new energy standard (NB/T 32004 Technical specification of grid-connected PV inverter), and the certificate was renewed on July 6, 2020. This marks that TEBA is the first inverter manufacturer which passes the certification of the new energy standard and the new national standards by virtue of its string inverter product above 1500V 200KW.


The new standard strengthens the requirements for indicators in terms of electrical performance and grid stability, especially the active power, reactive power, voltage adaptability, frequency adaptability, harmonic adaptability and environmental adaptability of the inverter, and besides, its adoption is to better adapt to the new requirements proposed by the State Grid, the China Southern Power Grid and local power grids for the stability and safety of PV grid connection.


It is TS208KTL-HV/TS228KTL-HV series that passes the certification of the new national standard this time. As the flagship model of the 1500V 200KW string inverter product, it integrates such features as grid friendliness, intelligent bracket control, high-speed PLC communication, IV intelligent curve detection and TB-eCloud intelligent operation and maintenance, and supports high-power assemblies and energy storage interface, creating a roadmap in advance for the future development of PV power station and laying a solid ground for the sustainable and high-quality development of the new energy.