Another FIRST! TBEA Sunoasis’s TSVG Passes the Power Source Coordination Simulation Experiment of Xilingol League New En
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Recently, TBEA Sunoasis joined hands with third party testing institutions including State Grid China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) to complete the TSVG power source coordination simulation experiment of 975MW wind farm in Xilingol League ultra-high voltage energy supplementary base in CEPRI, becoming the first manufacturer in the industry completing TSVG electromagnetic transient model verification and TSVG electromechanical transient model verification based on semi-physical control platform and all-digital model integrated simulation, which again demonstrates the perspectiveness of TBEA Sunoasis’s TSVG in grid-friendly access and its advanced technological strength!


To further improve the outbound transmission capability of its 7,000MW windmill base, Xilingol League establishes the “Two ACs and One DC (Huainan-Nanjing-Shanghai UHV AC, Xilingol League-Shandong UHV AC and Nongdong-Zhejiang UHV DC)” outbound UHV project.

As the project is characterized by complicated supplementary power structure, highly electronized equipment on the power and grid side and closely interconnected operations between new energy cluster and AC and DC grid, the coordination between power and grid can effectively improve the consumption of new energy and operation safety of power system. Therefore, the State Grid Dispatching Center requires all windmill projects connecting to Xilingol League UHV AC and DC grid be evaluated in terms of modeling and grid-connection oscillation risks.

As per the requirements of the National Standard GB/T 19963-2011 Technical Rule for Connecting Wind Farm to Power System and Industrial Standard DL/T1870-2018 Power Grid and Power Source Coordination Technical Specification, newly built wind farms should submit relevant power source coordination materials to the grid dispatching organization and entrust CEPRI and NCEPRI to perform power source coordination tests. Upon receiving relevant requirements, TBEA Sunoasis immediately organized an expert team to work closely with CEPRI in relevant modeling works and recently became the first company completing power source coordination simulation experiment.

TBEA Sunoasis sticks to the tradition of highly reliable electric R&D and manufacturing for 70 years. With the experiences in reactive voltage control of new energy power station system for more than 10 years, focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of core electric and electronic devices, the company has completed the research and manufacturing of 3kV-35kV/1-100Mvar all-series HV TSVG products which adopt HV chain-type topological structure. By relying on advanced structure of control system and control strategy, the company focuses on providing system solution for reliable grid-connection of high-proportion new energy, demonstrating with hard power that “we know electricity better from the 70 years of accumulation”.