Beyond AI: TBEA Sunoasis’s Innovative Product and Solution Help with “Solar Power Storage +”
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The 4th Industrial Revolution driven mainly by AI, big data and IOT has begun and intelligent manufacturing becomes an important measure to promote middle- and high-end industrial progress and the building of a powerful nation via manufacturing, as well as a necessary path to form new international edges under the new normal. Digitalization of the new energy industry is a must and the intelligent manufacturing in this area has become a necessity for industrial upgrade in the age of parity. TBEA Sunoasis, with its more than 70 years of experiences in power industry, devotes itself in the area of intelligent manufacturing to breakthroughs in technical innovation and solutions and manifests with its “efficient and reliable” quality that there are so much more beyond AI...


Helping PV plant improve its comprehensive revenue by more than 7%


TBEA Sunoasis launches the optimal system solution for electricity cost by adopting “1,500V System + Large Matrix +DC/AC Rario + Intelligent Operation & Maintenance”; to realize the target of the lowest LCOE of PV system, this solution starts with DC/AC Rario to enable the inverter the ability of direct access by its design and the PV part can connect at most 36 series, increasing its power-capacity ratio by 1.7 times to industrial leading level; and integrating with high generation efficiency, intelligent operation & maintenance and its safety and reliability, the system generation volume within the life cycle is improved.


TS208KTL-HV series inverter and TB-eCloud platform can be connected seamlessly and such combination can provide clients with digital and intelligent plant operation & maintenance solution throughout its total life cycle. TS208KTL-HV series inverter is capable of I-V curve monitoring, which can locate promptly the part malfunction, lower operation & maintenance costs and improve generation. TS208KTL-HV series inverter supports WIFI and PLC, where the former realizes localized operation & maintenance by improving user experience with APP operations and the latter reduces investment costs by sparing communication cables. It helps PV plant improve comprehensive revenue by more than 7%.


Efficient ecological chain solution of “1 + 2 + X”


Comparing with traditional large grid, the intelligent micro grid, as the best practical solution for the future, attracts lots of attention. TBEA Sunoasis exhibits in the Workshop the customized intelligent micro-grid solution with “dual terminals, triple layers and multiple application scenarios” for micro-grid in industrial and commercial park, data center, island, powerless area and other areas, which adopts the leading high-end technology of independently developed and internationally leading power router and the core support of key products such as energy management system, CPU and power storage system. Regarding the need for power storage on the generation side, grid side and the user side, it builds the “modularized and integrated” power storage system solution to provide “planning-designing-product-construction-operation & maintenance” services for micro-grid throughout its life cycle.

Let’s take the TBEA Xi’an Industrial Park Solar Power Storage Micro-grid Demonstration Project as an example; it’s a coordinated 2MW source-grid-load-storage micro-grid project where the PV part is set at 2MWp, storage with 1MW/1MWh lithium battery, and charging pillar as 960kW; the supplementary energy management system adopts the demand response technology and economic optimization algorithm based on two-part tariff mode, which realizes dual decrease of “basic tariff + electricity tariff” and by coordination and control of PV generation and power storage system and adjustable load, the general load curve of the park is optimized, saving an extra tariff of RMB 570,000; comparing with traditional isolated distributed PV plant + power storage plant, the project revenue is increased by 28%, annual revenue of entire project exceeds RMB 2.55 million and annual comprehensive operation costs are reduced by more than 60%.


Recently, the much-concerned “Research Report on the 20th China Top 100 Electrical Enterprises” is officially issued and TBEA Xi’an Electrics Technology Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned company of TBEA Sunoasis wins two special awards of “2020 China’s Innovative Product of Electrical Industry” and “Fine Solution of Electrical Industry”.

The election of “China Top 100 Electrical Enterprises” is launched by Electric Magazine Agency, the subordinate unit of China Machine Media in 2000 and having been successfully held for 20 times, it becomes the annual summary and reference for the development of China’s electrical industry.

Winning such awards also fully demonstrates the strength of TBEA Sunoasis in product and solution innovation, and its technical exploration in the entire ecological chain of energy Internet covering generation by clean energy, intelligent distribution and flexible power consumption, and the technical advances to speed up technical progress leading the energy industry and drive the renovation of energy technology.


TS208KTL-HV series inverter wins the award of “2020 China’s Innovative Product of Electrical Industry” (photo).


TBEA intelligent micro-grid solution for park wins the award of “Fine Solution of Electrical Industry” (photo).