TBEA Sunoasis Wins 5 Major Awards including the “Top Global PV Brand Award”
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May 10 is the 4th China Brand Day and in the “5th Century Photovoltaic Conference” held on that day, the “PVBL 2019 The Most Valuable Chinese Photovoltaic Brands”were revealed, where TBEA Sunoasis wins wide recognition from both the clients and the industry with its brand influence, advanced ability in scientific research, product innovations and excellent market performance, built up via its long-term efforts. It won 5 major awards including the Recipient of the 2019 Photovoltaic Brand Lab Top Global PV Brand Award, Third Prize in Plant EPC Brand Value and Third Prize in Centralized Inverter Brand Value.




Advancing and hard-working TBEA Sunoasis seeks constant innovation and change in the area of PV inverter and dares to lead the market. Entering the new age of parity, TBEA Sunoasis focuses on its technical strength on R&D of 1,500V high power inverter, setting an example in improving the efficiency of parts. TBEA Sunoasis innovates the integrated intelligent PV solution featuring “Large Matrix +DC/AC Ratio + 1,500v + Intelligent Operation & Maintenance”and launches the brand new 1,500V high power series inverter TS228KTL-HV to realize the improvement of comprehensive profits by more than 7%. It has I-V curve scan and diagnosis, flexible two-sided part and tracking support, access to TB-eCloud platform to realize intelligent operation & maintenance and is capable of providing the optimal electricity cost solution. Besides, TBEA Sunoasis always put services in the first place in the area of PV EPC and taking advantage of its powerful capacity in comprehensive solution, it has built nearly 5,000+ plants with the capacity of nearly 16GW and designed plants with the total capacity of 13GW. By its excellent works, TBEA Sunoasis ranks the 89th in 2019 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises. In the future, TBEA Sunoasis will continue its innovative development, focus on the structuring of new energy system of “energy IOT + integration of wind and solar power storage and transmission + multiple energy complement + intelligent energy platform”, promote the application of “TBEA’s all ecological chain application solution of green energy” under “multiple application, technology and operation scenarios” and take full lead in the new age of parity for PV grid connection under the business mode of “solar power storage+”, contributing more to building good brands in China’s PV industry.