TBEA UHV Flexible DC Converter Valve Included in 2020 China’s Innovat
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“The 20th Data Analysis on Top 100 Electrical Enterprises in China” was officially released recently. The UHV Flexible DC Converter Valve presented by TBEA Xi’an Flexible Power Transmission and Distribution Co., Ltd., a holding company of TBEA Sunoasis, was included in 2020 China’s Innovative Product Directory for Electrical Industry.


“Top 100 Electrical Enterprises in China”, launched by the Electric Age under China Machinery Industry Information Institute in 2000, is the annual check and reference coordinate of China’s electrical industry. As of today, it has been successfully held for 20 sessions.

For a long time, the core technology for UHV DC power transmission and flexible DC power transmission has been mastered by very few transnational companies. There are few domestic components of core equipment. Against this background, TBEA Sunoasis has forged ahead, taken active part in and supported the infrastructure construction of countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. With the development goal of “Equip China and Equip the World”, the Company has developed the first ±800kV UHV flexible DC power transmission converter valve in the world after 6 years of researches.

It’s reported that the converter valve has made a number of technical breakthroughs. In terms of control and protection device, it adopts the extensible system architecture with independent intellectual property and makes use of hybrid optical fiber and backplane communication technology and parallel data processing technology to reduce the delay time of data analysis and response, greatly improving the stability of system control and fault ride-through and realizing massive control data interaction. In the multi-physics coupling analysis of electromagnetic thermal force of converter valve, the simulation model of converter valve is accurately developed on the basis of the simulation platform of multi-physics field for researching complex models under the combined action of electricity, magnetism, heat and force, highly optimizing the overall design and solving the common problems of the multi-physics field coupling analysis in practical work. As for the design of combined stress of UHV AC voltage and current, the digital computer simulation analysis model is built for repeated physical tests and optimization, to cover all potential fault conditions. In addition, it is provided with sufficient safety margin to offer strong guarantee for system reliability.

The technique of overhead flexible DC power transmission without blocking used by the converter valve has solved three problems, “DC fault self-cleaning and system restart, DC voltage-reducing operation, online decommissioning of valves” when flexible DC power transmission system is applied in the overhead power transmission lines. In this way, it has provided strong technical support for building flexible DC power transmission and multi-terminal DC power transmission system as well as DC grid, filled in the gap of the technical application in the overhead lines, and given China a greater say in the key field of UHV flexible DC power transmission. Moreover, it has also solved such bottleneck problems of new energy power as failure in long-distance and large-scale delivery, delivery of new energy power bundled with thermal power, or local or close-distance consumption. At present, the converter valve has been successfully applied in Wudongde Hydropower Station-Guangdong and -Guangxi Flexible DC Power Transmission Project of China Southern Power Grid, the world’s only UHV flexible DC project, and highly recognized by the owner.


The inclusion of TBEA Sunoasis’s converter valve in “2020 China’s Innovative Product Directory for Electrical Industry” marks that TBEA Sunoasis has played an positive role in promoting the transformation of China’s electrical industry during the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy under the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing and High-quality Development”, and it has made new breakthroughs in new ideas, new experience and new methods for promoting industrial upgrading. It has milestone significance for improving the technical level of China’s electric equipment and driving the independent research and development of China’s key UHV flexible and multi-terminal hybrid DC equipment.