TBEA Inverters Travel to the West
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Through a millennium of time, TBEA comes with spirit of “peace, friendship, cooperation and win-win” along the ancient "Silk Road" from Xi’an, China to the "Silk Road Economic Belt”, to provide advanced technology and excellent services for the Indian PV market and introduce China’s inverters to India.


India has become the world's second largest PV power market next to China.

India has abundant solar energy resources but a shortage of electricity. With the continuous development of the PV market, India has surpassed the United States and become the world's second largest PV power market in 2018. India is expected to have an installed PV power capacity of 100 GW in 2022, which is an important part of India's revitalization plan for energy.

In order to integrate with the Indian PV market and provide optimal and locally suitable products and services, TBEA has established professional service teams and held a series of PV technology exchange meetings in various regions of India based on 18 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of inverters. Through much in-depth market research in India, TBEA has developed a range of high-capacity inverters for the Indian market and the application in the complex environment of sand, high temperature and high humidity, and introduced a comprehensive refined solution tailed for smart PV power stations according to local conditions.


April 3, 2018, TBEA holds a smart PV technology exchange in Delhi.

With the ambition of India's PV development, TBEA inverters appear in various application environments in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc. in India. Since entering the Indian market in 2014, TBEA inverter shipments have now surpassed 3GW, and have become one of the top three Chinese inverter suppliers in the Indian PV market. 


The total installed capacity of the TBEA inverters has exceeded 3GW in the Indian market.

With its efficient and high-quality products and services, TBEA has established a partnership with the top five PV EPC contractors in India in the supply of inverters, which has been highly recognized by the customers. On April 13, the Xi'an PV Innovation Solutions Symposium 2018 was jointly held by China Renewable Energy Society and TBEA. Mr. Sudhir Pathak, Chief Technology Officer of ACME, one of the largest PV power developers in India, highly praised TBEA’s smart solutions and the continuous and efficient operation of TBEA’s inverters at the symposium.


Aug. 15, 2018 is India’s Independence Day, and TBEA published a celebration poster in the local media that day.

India will be a new growing market of PV industry in the future and has broad market potential. On Sept. 18-20, 2018, the 12th Renewable Energy India Expo, which is the most significant and influential in South Asia, was held in New Delhi, India. TBEA participated in the expo as a well-known brand enterprise in the field of inverter development, and released its new products. TBEA will continue to serve customers and create more value with rich application cases and customized products, and contribute to the Indian PV industry.